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Refreshments stations:
Refreshment stations are located along the course at the following km marks:

  2,1  /  40,1 
  4,2  /  38,0 
  7,0  /  35,2
10,6  /  31,7
14,0  /  28,2
17,5  /  24,7


The refreshment stations will be located along the shoreline.


Refreshment stations will also be available at the start/finish point. Refreshment sta-tions offer water, fruits and power sports drinks. 


For 1/1 marathon you are allowed to bring your own refreshments. The refreshments will be delivered to the refreshment stations along the course. Please hand in your refreshments at the late entry station on the beach no later than 9.00 am. Please in-clude: start number, name and refreshment station (km).


North Sea Beach Marathon cannot be held reliable for missing refreshments